Trouble Starting Beet Flow

Beet Flow is very gentle and very few people will experience any trouble when starting Beet Flow.


However, if your bile has been backed up for a long time, and Beet Flow starts to help that bile flow correctly, too many backed-up toxins could start coming out too quickly.


If this is the case, the individual could experience symptoms like:


Skin Issues (as the body tries to push toxins out through the skin)
Loose stools


These are all signs that the body is doing what it can to remove these toxins as quickly as possible.


Check to see if your saliva pH is below 6.5


Using common pH testing strips you can pick up at most health food stores, you can check the pH of your saliva at least 2 hours after a meal (but not first thing in the morning), to see if your saliva pH is below 6.5.  This can get a strong indication that the system may be leaning on the toxic side.  If so, you may need to start off a little slower using Beet Flow.  That way, as backed up toxins are released as bile starts to flow, the body will be able to keep up with the removal.


You may also want to increase your water intake a bit to help the body wash out more junk.  You may need to start with only Beet Flow per day and then work your way up to the following steps:


The first day you can take one Beet Flow capsule per meal 3 times per day. (If you’re eating three times)


If that goes well (no reactions, such as, rashes, nausea or feeling flush) on the second day you can take 2 Beet Flow per meal 3 times per day.  If you do have a reaction, you might try spacing out your 1 Beet Flow capsule dose further apart.  Skipping meals or even opening the capsule and dumping out half of the contents so you can start off slower. 


If that goes well, on the third day you can take 3 Beet Flow per meal 3 times per day.


On the fourth day you may want to do a Beet Flow flush. Take four Beet Flow with breakfast.


30 minutes later take another 4 Beet Flow, 30 minutes later take another Beet Flow, 30 minutes later take another 4 Beet Flow, 30 minutes later take another 4 Beet Flow. This will be a total of 16 capsules. You can then take 3 Beet Flow with supper.


On the fifth day you can take three Beet Flow per meal 3 times per day with each meal.


On the sixth day you can do another Beet Flow flush. Take four Beet Flow with breakfast and then four more every 30 minutes for a total 16 capsules. Just to let you know you might be more gassy in the first day or even the second day while you’re doing the Beet Flow flush. All the junk is coming out of your system. Don’t be concerned, just know it’s coming out and it will subside. Doing a Beet Flow flush will not normally cause diarrhea.  We call it a flush because you are attempting to flush out stagnant bile. 


On the seventh day you can take two to three Beet Flow per meal and continue this regime all the way along. On this day you can start adding HCL if appropriate.


For those  who have trouble getting bile to flow properly (Maybe you are still seeing loose or light colored stools, nausea, skin issues or a saliva pH under 6.5), you may want to implement a Beet Flow flush on one day, and a Xeneplex coffee suppository the following day.  Many use this strategy about once a week until bile flow improves.