How to do the Beet Flow Flush / Xeneplex Suppository Combo

Performing a Beet Flow Flush

This is not an additional supplement. Rather a flush that can be beneficial for some people to do with the supplement, Beet flow. (It may be best do this after using the Beet flow with meals for at least one day.) So this is just like eating a bucket of organic beets without having to actually do that. Just an easy cleanse that can help your bile flow better and improve how your lymph is flowing. The Beet Flow thins the bile and the biliary pathway is the main route for liver detoxification. If your saliva pH begins to rise in the next day or so following this cleanse or your stool begins to get darker, we know it worked well.


Here’s how most people do the cleanse:

About an hour or so after a meal, take 4 Beet flow with some water.
30 minutes later, you can take 4 more.
30 minutes later you can take 4 more.
30 minutes later you can take 4 more.

To recap, most people take 4 beet flow capsules every 30 minutes for 4 doses. They drink water during this time. And that’s it. You’re done. Then we can watch your saliva pH the next day and ifa low saliva pH doesn’t come up, you can do the cleanse again if you don’t get all the response you want to see. Very easy cleanse.


Most people don’t really feel any different right away but when their numbers start to improve you can really see it worked.


Beet Flow Flush Xeneplex Suppository Combo

For those with stubborn bile that doesn’t seem to improve with a Beet Flow flush, it can be extremely effective to do a Xeneplex coffee suppository the day after a Beet Flow flush.  You can then follow this combination about once a week until you reach the desired results.


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